State of the Garden
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The official podcast of the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association.

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    010_NJ Cannabis Insider

    Justin Zaremba, founder and Chief Editor of NJ Cannabis Insider is interviewed. A variety of topics including permitting and current legislative news are covered.

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    009_Legislative Update August 2018

    The NJCIA team brings us up to date on the prospect of two legalization bills passing at the same time, and clarification on the permitting process.

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    008_Humboldt Honey Flower Farm

    Eric Calhoun, partner in a marijuana farm in Humboldt County CA, talks to Tom about the challenges faced by farmers as a state goes legal.

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    006_Canada Talk with Jay Rosenthal

    Founder of Canadian media company, Business of Cannabis, Jay Rosenthal, brings us up to date on our northern neighbor's legalization progress.

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    005_Doctors for Cannabis Regulation

    Doctors for Cannabis Regulation founder Dr David Nathan tells us about the driving forces behind DFCR's anti-prohibition policies.

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    004_Legislative Update May 2018

    NJ Cannabis Industry Association's lobbyist, Tim White, tell us how the medical reform results are fueling efforts for adult-use legalization.

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    003_Legal Update 1

    NJ Cannabis Industry Association's lobbyist, Tim White, joins host Tom Marshall in discussing the major medical marijuana reform of March 2018.

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    We talk with two members of the national organization: Marijuana Policy Project.

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    Welcome to the State of the Garden and meet some of the people who run the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association.

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